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Question - 1 : কোনটি ব্যতিহার বহুব্রীহির উদাহরণ?

a) অজানা

b) কানাকানি

c) দোতলা

d) আশীবিষ

Right Answer: b) কানাকানি

Getting Significant

"He who has a for what reason can bear at any rate." — Frederick Nietzsche

 I guaranteed Attorney at Law Magazine I would compose a segment each issue about restorative negligence. I am commonly a lady who keeps her statement. I had everything arranged. It was an article about the absence of sustenance training in restorative schools. It resembled the following:

 Most restorative schools give one hour of talk on sustenance to medicinal understudies. Balance this with the way that half of Americans are hefty. Contrast that and the taking off quantities of diabetes, elevated cholesterol, coronary illness and malignant growth. I clarified that our nourishment framework is making us wiped out. I carried on about how nourishment makers and nourishment enterprises, for example, sugar and corn benefit from selling us lies. I clarified how the pharmaceutical organizations benefit from the nourishment business keeping us debilitated. Truth be told, the article I composed was entitled "We're in a bad way." But, at last, I closed this was all only excessively discouraging for the New Year.

 In this way, I chose to step exposed and talk about something that isn't carefully therapeutic misbehavior. It's the season when we fire tallying up our compensations for our difficult work and defining objectives for the following year. A large portion of us are objective situated people who need to improve monetarily year over year and we need to see the money related compensation for the burdensome, sincerely debilitating, distressing work we do. For a few, it may very well be tied in with enduring one more year in this calling.

 I trust all of you succeeded by and by, expertly and monetarily in 2019. I might want to move all of you to pick "Noteworthiness" as your 2020 objective. Allow me to clarify.

 The Three Types of Lives

 Individuals lead three sorts of lives: Survival, Success or Significance.

 Endurance may imply that you have work and you can take care of your tabs. In the event that you are sufficiently fortunate to be enduring, you can accomplish more. You can be fruitful. There are a wide range of assets accessible to assist you with being effective. You simply need to focus in and get the chance to work. You need to need it and be happy to work your tail off for it. In the event that you have achieved achievement, you likely are seeing the budgetary rewards and are likewise likely getting awards for your work. Congrats.

 Presently, I challenge you to advance to the following stage, which is criticalness. This implies you have the ability to accomplish something significant for society, engage others, show others, and backer for change.

 Getting Significant

 As one author put it – "Achievement is sending your children to tuition based school. Essentialness is teaching others."

 Presently, this isn't a unique idea. I don't know where I discovered this thought, however it truly turned into a distinct advantage for me.

 This works for me pair with another straightforward idea, which is "finding your why." This is tied in with getting a more profound point of view on what you bring to the table the world. It is about what you can do with your legitimate aptitude and experience to add to the world. Presently, remain with me here. I realize this may sound a bit "hippy dippy." It doesn't mean you need to turn into the following Mother Theresa or Ghandi. It implies making sense of an option that is greater than you. Your "why" is what fills your energy, what is the fire in your tummy?

 In the event that your why is procuring a zillion dollars, you won't have the option to continue the vitality and commitment it requires. That is a formula for burnout. Rather, only a little personality re-set may assist you with making the move.