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Question - 1 : Choose the correct indirect speech- She asked me “Are you happy in your new job?”

a) She asked me if I had been happy in my new job

b) She asked me whether I am happy in my new job

c) She asked me if I have been happy in my new job

d) She asked me if I was happy in my new job

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Question - 2 : He has been ill - Friday last.

a) in

b) since

c) on

d) from

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Question - 3 : কলকাতায় প্রথম রঙ্গমঞ্চ তৈরি হয় কত সালে ?

a) ১৭৫৩ সালে

b) ১৮৫২ সালে

c) ১৮৩২ সালে

d) ১৮১৭ সালে

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Question - 4 : কাজে ফাঁকি দিও না |

a) You should not shrink your duty.

b) You should not shrinks your duty.

c) You should not shrink your duties.

d) You should not to shrink your duty.

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Question - 5 : Only after I _ home, did I remember my doctor\'s appointment

a) go

b) Going

c) went

d) gone

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Question - 6 : তুমি একটা প্রতারক |

a) You are a cheater.

b) You are a cheats .

c) You are a cheat also.

d) You are a cheat.

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Question - 7 : মালয়েশিয়ার সাবেক প্রধানমন্ত্রী ড: মাহাথির মোহাম্মদ কত বছর ক্ষমতায় ছিলেন?

a) ২১ বছর

b) ২২ বছর

c) ২৪ বছর

d) ২৬ বছর

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Question - 8 : Julius Caesar was the rular of rome about _

a) 1000 years ago

b) 1500 years ago

c) 2000 years ago

d) 3000 years ago

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Question - 9 : A person who write about his own life writers-.

a) an autobiography

b) a chronicle

c) a diary

d) a biography

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Question - 10 : কোন দেশের মহিলারা সর্বপ্রথম ভোটাধিকার লাভ করে?

a) সুইজারল্যান্ড

b) বাহামা

c) নিউজিল্যান্ড

d) মার্কিন যুক্তরাষ্ট্র

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Ensuring Communications With Law Firm In-House Counsel

More law offices are utilizing in-house insight to exhort them on potential cases against the firm, just as giving counsel on morals and hazard the executives issues. In Arizona, under A.R.S. 12-2234, with regards to common cases, any correspondences between a lawyer for an association or related substance –, for example, a law office – and a worker or specialist of the organization or related element, made to give lawful guidance or getting data to give lawful counsel, are secured by the lawyer customer benefit.

 The inquiry at that point turns out to be, how can one viably ensure such advantaged interchanges with in-house counsel from revelation should a case later emerge?


 A California choice gives direction on the accepted procedures for securing correspondences with law office in-house counsel. In Palmer v. Unrivaled Court, a customer procured a law office to indict a claim. Shelton was the accomplice in control. The customer before long undermined cases against the firm, yet demanded it keep speaking to him until he held substitute insight. During that period, Shelton counseled with two lawyers inside the firm, Swope and Christman, about the customer's objections.

 At the point when the customer later sued the firm and Shelton for negligence, the firm affirmed that correspondences among Shelton and the in-house counsel were favored. The firm submitted proof that Swope was the association's General Counsel and Christman was its Claims Counsel, and that they shared duty on claims dealing with and misfortune counteractive action. In-house counsel had numerous correspondences exhorting Shelton about reacting to the customer's objections and on the best way to deal with the customer relationship. Swope and Christman appointed another accomplice to administer arrangement of pleadings for the customer, who spoke with Shelton as their "appointee." The firm didn't charge the customer for time brought about by Swope, Christman or their "representative."